Hamilton Fire Department Issues Inspection Order for Livewell Properties Building

On August 4th Hamilton Fire Services posted an Inspection Order in the vestibule of our building, managed by Livewell Properties.

It details some very serious deficiencies that seem to have been left unmanaged since Livewell took over the building.

Some highlights:

  • Landlord could not produce records showing regulated inspections and system testing has been occurring
  • Fire extinguishers have not been inspected since at least 2018
  • No Fire Plan posted anywhere on site
  • Pull stations missing signage advising to call 911 in case of fire as the alarm system is not being live-monitored by the fire department
  • Fire escape doors and windows are not fire-rated
  • Self-closing door mechanism in at least one unit not present as required
  • There are combustibles and obstructions on the fire escape which must be removed

For everything not involving door and window replacement/repair there is a compliance deadline of August 30th.

For the door and window work they have until October 25th to be in compliance.

This Inspection Order was made out to 2582724 Ontario Inc and served by mail to the listed corporate officers – Matt Christie and Zach Killam.

This confirms prior reporting we have done on the ownership of the building.

On July 15th Livewell sent in Canadian Tenant Inspection Services, a company from Surrey BC who claims to be the only inspection service of its kind in the Canadian marketplace, to inspect our apartments. CTI are not building inspectors, they are former RCMP officers who inspect the tenants and try to determine if they complying with their lease terms or not engaged in “criminal activity”.

Livewell Properties Matt Christie and Zac Killam let fire safety at our property fall by the wayside for 3 years, not even bothering to do the minimal testing required of them or post the minimal signage required. They couldn’t be bothered installing the correct fire doors or windows to protect the people living in their building. They have nobody checking regularly on the fire panel for trouble codes.

When it comes to tenants they want out of the building though they spare no expense and fly in ex-RCMP officers from another Province to try and determine if we are criminals. That these “inspectors” are also connected to the Landlord Credit Bureau just paints the full picture.

To Matt Christie and Zach Killam, tenant safety appears meaningless. What really matters to them is not paying market value rent and resisting their Landlord Credit Bureau schemes. That is what gets their attention and action.