Landlord Credit Bureau has served us with a lawsuit

They claim we are violating their copyright by publishing screenshots of their website and even mentioning their name. They also claim that the information we post to share with our neighbours to help them understand their rights when dealing with the Landlord Credit Bureau constitute defamation of their business and it appears Mr. Killam in particular.

We live in a country that enshrines legal protections for free expression. We do not believe anything we have published to date about the LCB or Mr. Killam is defamatory, we believe it is all true and have sufficient supporting evidence to demonstrate this. In fact, there are many instances where our reporting actually clears up misconceptions about their business. If anyone at LCB took issue with anything we have been saying since the summer they have never been in contact with us despite always having a publicly available email address and being completely open to hearing from LCB or Mr. Killam (or anyone else associate with the business for the matter).

What the LCB and Mr. Killam opted to do instead is file a DMCA Takedown Notice against our website. The only way we could fight back is to identify ourselves to Mr. Killam and the LCB and risk this very lawsuit by asserting our right to free expression, criticism and commentary. Most people never respond to a DMCA for exactly this reason and let the powerful silence them. We chose not to let multimillionaire corporate landlords and their credit bureau schemes stop us from offering help to neighbours who feel genuinely intimidated and confused by what the LCB and LiveWell Properties does to them.

We said we were prepared to defend our right to publish vigorously in court and we meant it. In the days to come we will keep you posted on developments and will be posting the entire contents of the claim they filed as soon as we are able to.

To our neighbours and friends, we thank you and wish you all the best. This is not the end. This is only the beginning. We are here for you.