Lawsuit 2: Defamation Boogaloo

This evening we received an amended notice of civil claim from Blakes law firm on behalf of Zac Killam and the Landlord Credit Bureau. Note that it is from Iris Fischer, the new lawyer leading the case, and not Laura Cundari who originally launched the suit. Why the change? Never did get an answer on that.

Full text is here:

Some notable changes:

  • All the copyright infringement claims have been dropped.
  • They have dramatically decided to label our website, blog and Twitter account the Unlawful Blog, Unlawful Twitter Account.
  • They added the Twitter account, which was not active prior to the first lawsuit.
  • They’ve added a whole bunch of “defamatory statements” to the list of issues they take with the blog. Literally every single one of the things they take issue with is demonstrably true or well within fair commentary.
  • They now claim that we have a “vendetta” against Landlord Credit Bureau and Zac Killam. Why? What prompted such a vendetta? They don’t even bother to speculate, they just assert it and run with it.

It’s also notable that Mr. Killam has not opted to sue QP Briefing or The Hamilton Spectator. I have a feeling he’s not going to sue Canadaland either.

More to come as we unpack this.