The Hamilton Spectator Covers Landlord Credit Bureau, LiveWell

It’s not the Rolling Stone, but it’s a cover!

Sebastian Bron of the Hamilton Spectator has published some excellent reporting on our struggle with the Landlord Credit Bureau and we were shocked to see it on the front page of the paper. This has put the LCB and LiveWell issue in front of over 100,000 households in the Hamilton region as they sipped their Saturday morning coffee.

We think Mr. Bron did an outstanding job presenting the issue and gave plenty of opportunity for Zac Killam and Matt Christie to respond. The quality of their responses I leave to readers to judge.

If you missed it in print, it’s published on the Hamilton Spectator website but is paywalled:

‘Free benefit’ or blacklisted? Hamilton tenants and landlords clash over private information

  • Sebastian Bron reporting for The Hamilton Spectator