Marv Steier Out at LCB?

According to a change act filed to the Landlord Credit Bureau articles of incorporation on November 2nd, Marv Steier no longer holds any corporate offices with LCB. Every listed office is now held by Zach Killam.

We have updated our post detailing the who’s who of the company to reflect this change. As to what it represents it’s difficult to tell .

It doesn’t necessarily mean Mr. Steier is no longer employed in some capacity or receiving dividends of some kind, all we can conclude based on the limited information at hand is that he is no longer legally an officer of the corporation. Did he get bought out? Was there a rift? Or did he just want to finally get some peace and quiet after transitioning the business to new ownership?

As we learn more about the situation we will update this story but for now it appears that there has been no official statement from LCB on this corporate reshuffling. Neither does there appear to be anything from Mr. Steier.

If Mr. Steier or anyone from LCB would like to clarify on this matter they are welcome to contact us at:

It’s our goal to provide accurate information and we welcome clarification or correction from LCB or Mr. Steier.

We did happen to notice a little something on his LinkedIn account that seems to be a recent change. On his listed work experience it still has him employed by LCB at “present” but just underneath you can see a status of “Happily Retired”.

Could it be that this man of many careers has finally found some time to rest? If so, congratulations on your retirement Mr. Steier. We wish you all the best.

Who is the Landlord Credit Bureau?

According to corporate filings, 2642985 ONTARIO INC has two officers, Zachary Killam and Marvin Steier.

UPDATE: Marv Steier is no longer listed on their corporate profile and was removed from all offices according to a change act filed on November 2nd 2020. Mr. Steier’s current relationship to the Landlord Credit Bureau is unknown but we are investigating.

Zac Killam CEO of Landlord Credit Bureau

From the LinkedIn bio for Zach Killam:

After acquiring a substantial array of experience as a corporate lawyer, coupled with a passion for strategy and entrepreneurship, Zac shifted his focus to business development and leading ideas across the elusive canyon to reality.

Top Forty Under 40 winner, Zac has built several businesses including Canada’s largest taxi advertising network and the 2nd largest of its kind in the world, a rapidly growing multi-family real estate business, and a PropTech company.

Zac’s experience includes:
building a national and international foundation of telecommunication, regulatory, video content, technology and advertising relationships, while simultaneously attracting top tier talent and funding;
– raising significant expansion capital from angel investors and private equity partners;
– negotiating international partnership and licensing rights with companies based in China and Australia;
– securing ground breaking regulatory approvals with governments;
– building large networks of industry and stakeholder partnerships across Canada, the US and abroad;
– product design and creation;
– systems design and implementation;
– and driving growth across all verticals.

Zac has been in featured in the Globe & Mail, Financial Post, Financial Post Magazine, Financial Post Executive Podcast, Marketing Magazine, Business in Vancouver, News 1010 Radio, News 1130 Radio, Media in Canada, Global TV, Toronto Sun, Tech Vibes, Breakfast Television, Huffington Post and the Wall Street Journal. 

Currently, according to corporate filings, Zachary is the President, Secretary and treasurer of Landlord Credit Bureau as well as a Director of Live Well Property Management.

This means that Zach Killam is running a property management business where he acts as a residential landlord while at the same time running a supposedly impartial third party credit bureau. The conflict of interest situation here is very striking – if you are a tenant of Mr. Killam in one of his Live Well properties you are automatically getting signed up for the Landlord Credit Bureau and Killam would have a hand in arbitrating any disputes a tenant might raise against Live Well Properties reporting to the bureau. This would be like if Equifax also owned a bank that lent money. The people tasked with managing your credit should never be your creditors.

Marv Steier is a former RCMP officer turned landlord in his retirement.

UPDATE: Marv Steier is no longer listed on the LCB corporate profile and was removed from all offices according to a change act filed on November 2nd 2020. We are maintaining this section for historical purposes only. Mr. Steier’s current relationship to the Landlord Credit Bureau is unknown but we are investigating.

From his LinkedIn profile:

Marv is a retired a Police Officer (RCMP) from 1970-1990 10 of those yrs were as a Fraud & Serious Crimes Investigator.

In 1990 Marv joined the Insurance Corporation of BC ( S.I.U.) Investigating insurance fraud.

It was in 2000 that Marv decided it was time to become an Entrepreneur which he had always wanted to do, but hesitant in giving up a guaranteed pay check.

TVS Tenant Verification Service was started in 2000 with the assistance of his wife Phyllis. She ran the office in 2001 while Marv went back to work with Royal Bank of Canada-Corporate Security Div. doing Fraud Investigations across Western Canada. Steady pay cheque!

After 1 1/2 yrs TVS began to do well with the addition of a USA market, Marv quit his RBC job and has been employed full time as CEO/President of TVS ever since.

As the saying goes you have to be good to be lucky and lucky to be good! There is a lot of truth to that and…as an old Serious Crimes Boss use to say, “make your own breaks boys.” That is also very true.

In 2016 TVS was acquired by a U.S. company. (canada) and .com (USA) is the latest venture that benefits landlords and tenants. The LandlordCreditBureau is the first 3rd party company in Canada to report rent payments to a Credit Bureau, Equifax.

In 2018 Marv partnered with Zac Killam, an extraordinary young Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, and now the CEO of LCB Services Ltd. aka (CDN) and (USA) . Zac has and is making great strides in taking LCB to the next level. You should be hearing much more about US in 2020.

Marv enjoys spending time with family and friends and staying fit.