Landlord Credit Bureau in potential CRA violation by not informing tenants of their rights

CORRECTION: This post provides information about section 12.4 and 12.5 of the Consumer Reporting Act. It has come to our attention that although this provision has been passed by the legislature, it is not yet in force. This means the provision is not legally binding. The information below was presented based on the false assumption that section 12.4 and 12.5 were in force. We apologize to the Landlord Credit Bureau and to readers who may have relied on this information. We have posted a lengthier correction hereTo be clear, the security freeze provisions are not currently in force and are not legally binding. The Landlord Credit Bureau by definition has not violated these provisions because they are not in force.

According to the Consumer Reporting Act Section 12.5 the Landlord Credit Bureau is required to publish consumer information about the security alert and security freeze processes on their website. Specifically the Act calls for descriptions of the processes and instructions for consumers on how they can request them.

However when we conducted a site wide search for the term “security freeze” using Google there was nothing to be found as of the publication of this post. Browsing their legal page and other resource pages on the site we could find no mention of alerts or freezes.

It’s certainly possible we are just not finding the page they are legally required to provide so if anyone can find this information we’d appreciate a link and will update the story with that link.

It is also possible this information is located somewhere inside the LCB site which users would have to sign in to their service to see. That said, tenants should not have to first create an account and accept terms of service before being able to access information about their legal rights involving that service.

If the LCB would like to we’d be happy if they linked tenants to our instructions for enacting a security freeze.

Marv Steier Out at LCB?

According to a change act filed to the Landlord Credit Bureau articles of incorporation on November 2nd, Marv Steier no longer holds any corporate offices with LCB. Every listed office is now held by Zach Killam.

We have updated our post detailing the who’s who of the company to reflect this change. As to what it represents it’s difficult to tell .

It doesn’t necessarily mean Mr. Steier is no longer employed in some capacity or receiving dividends of some kind, all we can conclude based on the limited information at hand is that he is no longer legally an officer of the corporation. Did he get bought out? Was there a rift? Or did he just want to finally get some peace and quiet after transitioning the business to new ownership?

As we learn more about the situation we will update this story but for now it appears that there has been no official statement from LCB on this corporate reshuffling. Neither does there appear to be anything from Mr. Steier.

If Mr. Steier or anyone from LCB would like to clarify on this matter they are welcome to contact us at:

It’s our goal to provide accurate information and we welcome clarification or correction from LCB or Mr. Steier.

We did happen to notice a little something on his LinkedIn account that seems to be a recent change. On his listed work experience it still has him employed by LCB at “present” but just underneath you can see a status of “Happily Retired”.

Could it be that this man of many careers has finally found some time to rest? If so, congratulations on your retirement Mr. Steier. We wish you all the best.